Open source projects

GetYourGuide loves open source. We are heavy users of open-source software and we want to give back. Every time we improve open-source software we contribute our changes back and release our own tools to the community, even if it is a bit more work.


A command line tool to perform bulk updates across multiple GitHub repositories

Python GitHub API


Invite randomly chosen groups of employees to coffee breaks. Aim for heterogeneous meetings across departments

Python BambooHR API


Run SQL queries on interactive Databricks clusters queries without leaving your terminal or editor

Python Databricks


Keep your local python scripts installed and in sync with a databricks notebook. Shortens the feedback loop to develop projects using a hybrid enviroment

Python Databricks


Run queries against the Google Ads API from your terminal in a REPL or export query results to files

Python Google Ads API


Provides to developers and cluster operators a way to test their changes in VirtualServices, done by mocking Istio/Envoy behavior to decide to which destination the request would go to

Go Istio


A command-line interface to publish modules, detecting the version increment from the commit message, generating the tags and pushing to Github

Javascript Node.js npm


Converts data represented as Jackson JsonNodes directly to Apache Parquet files without an intermediate format

Java Jackson Parquet


Quickly stop or resume all Google Ads advertising in emergency situations such as major incidents

Python Google Ads API